An Interesting  Didactic Suggestion

•  Do you teach Natural Sciences at Secondary Level/Baccalaureate?.

•  Do you use a microscope in your lessons?

• Do you explain how to use a microscope and do you undertake examinations in your practical lessons with your students?


  If your teaching takes place at university level:


• Do you study planktonic ecosystems in degrees like Biological Sciences, Marine Sciences, Environmental Sciences or other related degrees?

• Do you include microscope plankton observations in your practical lessons or are you thinking of doing so?

• Do your students identify components of plankton samples and do they undertake studies on the structure and specific composition of planktonic communities?


   If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you will find that Planktonic Life gives you an interesting approach geared towards facilitating the task of preparing and carrying out your practical lessons. 

    We provide you with a wide range of Teaching Kits which use samples of marine plankton whose components have been previously identified and included in a  Identification Photo Guide.

    The main objective is for your students to have the chance to enjoy miscroscope plankton observation. Learning should always be fun!.

   Give yourself a few minutes and explore the possibilities we are offering you.


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