About us

Planktonic Life S.L. is a company specialising in teaching materials based on  marine flora and fauna for Secundary Schools, Universities and amateurs.


Our Beliefs

We believe education is key to the  future of our society. Planktonic Life wants to be involved at the grass roots stage providing the best resources for teaching.


Our objectives

We provide a  quality product to support the teacher, making learning a pleasant and motivational experience. We aim to awaken the students curiosity in Science  whatever the age of the student. 

 We promote the use of resources all of which are easily found in a teaching laboratory. Specially we focus on the use of the microscope that is always readily available in a Biology lab.


Our Responsibility 

The safety of the student is of upmost importance. We do not use any toxic products that may pose a risk, using only safe reagents and materials.

In Planktonic Life we are fully aware of the importance of the environment and its conservation  designing our activities within a framework compatible with sustainable development. All sampling operations are conducted in authorized areas using standard international procedures.





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