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The products from this range which Planktonic Life offers have been specifically designed for practical lab lessons at university level.  That is, in different disciplines where planktonic ecosystems are included in the teaching syllabuses of graduated  courses such as  BiologyEcologyEnvironmental Sciences, Botany, Zoology, Hidrobiology, Natural Resources, Fish and Fisheries Biology, Marine Ecology, Biological Oceanography, etc


These products are geared towards making the teacher’s job easier, especially when, due to the geographic location of the centre, sea access is not immediate or when the material and human equipment is not available, or it is too dear for the existing budget. Our products are accessible for the teacher to use in a convenient and inexpensive way, providing all the necessary tools to carry out practical sessions devoted to the identifications of components of the different groups of planktonic organisms, as well as the estimation of its amounts and the study of the structure of the planktonic community. 


The Identification Photo Guide (see sample page) in digital format which goes together with each sample has been developed from that same plankton sample. It constitutes a fundamental element when facilitating the identification of the most representative taxa, just using the usual elements available at a standard lab for biological practice at university level. Nevertheless, it is always at the teacher’s discretion to delve into the study of the sample using more sophisticated techniques such as specific staining for fluorescence, SEM observation, etc. This will depend on the teaching objectives and the facilities available. In such cases, the possibilities are extraordinary.

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